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3419196 0 alt+drag wont work either snkcld: you using vmware or virtual box snkcld, try selecting something from a terminal? then go to ctrl+alt+f1 or something then login alt-dragging, even with the cursor over the pic in Gimp, won't let me resize. but doing it in the OS with ctrl-l is fine jakemp: i wouldn't think you would want to resize the pic in gimp Sivik, because I want to use the.psd !find scale Found: gimp-plugin-scale, libgpodscale, libgpodscale0, libgpodscale0-dev, libgpodscale1, libgpodscale1-dbg, libgpodscale1-doc (and 4 others) whats the command to list packages that are installed, that would be useful to know Sivik, I just noticed that if I do an option-Z on the picture, it will scale it properly Sivik: virtual box. ok Sivik: the alt+drag doesnt work on the desktop snkcld: how are you using the cursor? have you tried to use the scale plugin from gimp to adjust it in Gimp? Sivik: i am pretty sure it is hardware issue Sivik: its a thinkpad x201 with a nvidia 7300M snkcld: do you have two computers or just one? Sivik: i have dual boot, i run windows 7 in the other partition. but thats about it snkcld: i would say you need to call it a day and just use the guest os




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