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The Treefrogs Story


First came the Broadcasters - a jamming /writing thing with the legendary Mark Tucker. We started in Rob's Kitchen at Hatch Beauchamp and ended up recording the Ep GiVe at Sawmills and the Presshouse Studios in 1994 with Mark Parnell on Drums and Matt Pegg on Bass.


But we didn't want to be just a recording band  - we wanted to play live. So we drafted in Geoff Roberts on Drums and Bob Foster on Bass, and started doing a few local gigs. However Mark 's engineering & Record producing skills were in high demand, so unfortunately we lost him.


Rob and I were still writing and wanted to keep playing. So in 97" we got our friend Brads in on Bass, and local hero Steve Parsons in on Drums. We started playing everywhere from the Fleece and Firkin in Bristol, to The old Barrel in Exmouth, and every beer festival and Party in-between. 100's of gigs later we have proved that you can infact play 80% of your own songs around the area and still get paid.


Next line up featured the then up and coming ( now highly experienced) James Cross on drums with additional b/v's and percussion from Danny Corrick . Plus the occasional appearance of Toby on Keyboards. Another EP was recorded and this culminated in a PIlton Party Appearance with the Doves and Damien Rice in 2003.


Then Pagey joined on Drums, Brads left and Jeff "the funk "Walker stepped in. Next project another EP of course - "Work it out", recorded with Jon Sweet in 2006 at the Blue Room in Bournemouth.....And here we are today now with the very versatile and extremely talented Steve Wilson on Bass. It's more than 20 years now since the Treefrogs started and we're still playing our own songs, still writing, still recording and still loving it.......Thanks for reading.


Do what you love!





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